Building a solar water supply network

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October 5, 2023
Access to Clean Water
November 21, 2023

Building a solar water supply network

In November Operation Mercy in Afghanistan started building a solar water supply network in a district in Kabul. At the opening ceremony were the district governor, PRRD, community and Operation Mercy representatives.

One of the villagers expressed his happiness at the solar powered water project's opening ceremony, he said: "Today, my family and I are very happy because one of our wishes will be fulfilled, and we are very hopeful as we are witnessing this opening. The issues with safe drinking water are widespread. “Most of the families in this village lack access to clean drinking water, and it is extremely difficult for our women and children to get water from a distance. A lot of times our wives also carry little children. The children also struggle to get water, and in the past, we have seen fist fights about who gets the water. Thankfully through your provision this will not happen anymore.

“Many women spend most of the day preparing water, this also means that they can’t give their kids their full attention. As a result, their kids get sick. Most of those illnesses are related to poor nutrition because there isn't enough time for women to spend with their children. As of right now, our family and I have high hopes that this project's completion will provide us with good drinking water and other solutions to all our difficulties.

“This is the first significant project in our village that we have actually witnessed open in the last 20 years. We are quite thankful for Operation Mercy help in this regard, and we hope that they will continue to work with us in the future so that the entire family. There shouldn't be any issues for the villagers, such access to clean drinking water.”

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