Operation Mercy is an international relief and development organisation established in 1991. We are currently working in Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. As a group of professionals we seek to serve the poor and marginalised through community development and humanitarian aid projects.

Operation Mercy is dismayed at the recent events which have caused offence and understandable outrage. We strongly condemn all desecrations of the Qur’an and items which are held sacred.

Our organisation honours faith and our ethos is one of mutual respect and co-operation. Our staff, in ten countries and from diverse cultures and backgrounds, seek to build bridges of understanding and walk paths of peace. We lament action which divides, rather than unites.

We are an international non-governmental organisation (INGO). As such, we are impartial and independent of all political stakeholders and states. Our work is in collaboration with various partners and donors worldwide.

Our purpose is to aid development and support communities in need. Last year, Operation Mercy offered care to more than 200,000 Afghans through providing nutrition to those who are vulnerable. Our contribution is proven and welcomed in the localities in which we operate. We trust that we can continue our valued work.

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Operation Mercy is registered with an external organization that ensures quality control of donation management.