June 13, 2018

Rich in diversity from geography to ethnic backgrounds to languages, Pakistan faces many challenges. Northern Pakistan features some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. It is extremely prone to natural disasters including earthquakes, droughts, landslides and floods. In addition, it is located in a highly volatile geopolitical region with complex border issues.

Overall, the country is ranked 161st out of 189 nations according to the UN’s Human Development Index that measures quality of life. Poverty levels are among the highest in South Asia, with 51 million Pakistanis living below the national poverty line (, 2020). This nation is also recognized as one of the most dangerous for women in the world, where practices like child-bride marriage (as early as nine years old), and other gender discriminations, including limited access to education, are common.

Our partners in Pakistan are involved in three projects: Women’s Empowerment Project, Rural Village schools, and the Scholarship Program.

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