Helping Me Accomplish My Dreams

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September 19, 2023
I am already making a difference in my community
October 5, 2023

Helping Me Accomplish My Dreams

In 2023, the Scholarship Program, run by our partners in Pakistan, provided educational support for 179 students (87 girls and 92 boys) who are all attending classes regularly. The Scholarship Program serves students in early education through upper college and university levels. Through this program, students are working on completing their class levels. Every year of educational completion will work to lower poverty and systemic issues within their communities.

Fatima*shares her story:

“Recently I completed my master's degree in mathematics. I give all the credit to the Scholarship Program that has always stood behind me from kindergarten to university education.

In 2013 when I completed high school, our relative came to our house and said to my mother, “It is not good to get higher education for girls. Will your girl go to university and get an education with boys? It creates problems when girls and boys study together. I suggest you find a boy and marry your girl off. You don’t have a son and what will happen if something happens to your husband.” 

When I heard that lady, I was so disappointed. Throughout my childhood, our relatives mistreated us because we are seven sisters, and we don’t have a brother. This time I thought all my dreams were going to be ruined.

I decided to talk with the Scholarship Program staff, and they granted me a scholarship for a university education. I gained admission in the Mathematics Department and started to study. Now I have completed my degree, and I am teaching Mathematics at a local high school. As I get to interact with students, I try to manage them, and I try to do it with love. I believe that through my profession, my community is also going to be impacted.

I am grateful to the Scholarship Program that has played a vital role in helping me accomplish my dreams. Sometimes I think without the help of these scholarships my life would be within the walls of the house, but today I am a determined and confident woman. It is because of the Scholarship Program.”

*Name changed

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