Crossroads Worldview Training, Mauritania

Kids & Reading, Mauritania
June 13, 2018
Dynamic Business Start-up, Mauritania
June 14, 2018

Crossroads is a training course consisting of eight modules focused on personal development, life skills and career development.

The objective of the program is to stir up participants’ hope and confidence for a better future, enabling them to identify practical initiatives to improve the lives and circumstances of their families and communities.

Fatalism and a dependency mentality are both major challenges in Mauritania. We have found Crossroads to be a very effective tool for helping encourage participants about the future and help them to begin to set and work towards short-term measurable goals in line with their purpose or gifting.

The program will be primarily focused on the urban poor of Mauritania’s capital, Nouakchott. We have a special desire to see this program expanded among the Black Moor or “Haratine” people group, the former slave class of Mauritania, many of whom are trapped in hopelessness.


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