Everyone Deserves Access to Education

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March 13, 2023
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April 3, 2023

Everyone Deserves Access to Education

One of the main areas where our partner organization continues to see professionalism is through our teachers. One of our teachers, Nasreen*, shared the following:

“I have been teaching at the Middle school for boys and girls for the last five years. It's a half an hour drive from my village to the school. Teaching children here is a blessing. I feel so honored and happy to help this highly isolated mountain community. I am the only female teacher here in this school.

Other teachers always fear going to this community because they are considered to be the most neglected community in my area. I come from a different background. I am so thankful to this wonderful organization for uplifting this poor community and giving me a chance to share my education and now I am not only teaching these kids, but I am also meeting and motivating the women of this village to become aware of the importance of education. I sometimes teach them about their personal health and hygiene. I am so thankful for re-hiring me to teach here at this school.”

Although Nasreen comes from a different background, she was willing to go work with those in this region. Her experience is indicative of the holistic transitions that are happening not only within communities but within the region. We are seeing a breakthrough in understanding that all deserve to have an opportunity to access education.

*Name changed

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