Community Based Rehabilitation, Jordan

Agricultural Cooperation for Development, Jordan
June 18, 2018
October 5, 2018

The goal of Operation Mercy’s CBR project is to see rural Jordanian communities welcoming their own members with disabilities, demonstrating a more inclusive society.

On the family level, we train mothers and other care takers to provide rehabilitation training themselves, so that those with disabilities can have greater mobility and independence.

On the community level we grow the capacity and awareness in community centers, schools and other public services to fulfil their duty to children with disabilities (CWD).

Many families, who have children with disabilities, do not have the opportunity to obtain the necessary treatment, rehabilitation and equipment for their children due to financial, transport, and social reasons. It is often found that families or caregivers do not have the knowledge or the skills to provide proper care of their children with disabilities.

In the general community, there are widespread negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities, often due to lack of knowledge and negative preconceived ideas to what disability is about. Therefore, in most cases, the affected children are isolated and never presented with opportunities to develop socially, emotionally and physically and to go to school.

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