Access to Clean Water

Building a solar water supply network
November 21, 2023
I Am Stronger
December 1, 2023

In November Operation Mercy in Afghanistan started building a solar water supply network in a district in Kabul. At the opening ceremony were government and community representatives.

A man who was walking on crutches traveled a great distance to attend the gathering; he was overjoyed.

He said: “ I'm very happy to be here to witness the start of a project for which we have been waiting a very long time, and soon it will be completed. The WASH project has taught us many valuable things, one of which being the necessity of having access to clean water, which can help us avoid many diseases. These teachings have made us happy and have made us value the project greatly. We value this project since it provides solutions to the most significant issues in our life. Above all, this project's completion will provide solutions for our men, women, and children who confront water-related issues. Our sincere and honest commitment to safeguarding this project will continue till its completion and afterwards when we use the fresh water in our houses.”

Our team in Afghanistan are glad that they can provide a new solar powered water network for 90 houses.  The water in the former wells was not good for drinking. They also are providing hygiene training for men's groups.

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