From Desert Diesel Tank to Fertile Market Garden

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July 8, 2020
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May 10, 2022

From Desert Diesel Tank to Fertile Market Garden

One Syrian refugee and his family from the villages near Homs were living under a leaking diesel tank in the Eastern Desert in Jordan. Operation Mercy connected with the family through our fresh vegetable distributions in the area, and our local partner brought us in to meet the family in the hope that something could be done about their health and living situation.

With the help of our local partners, our team was able to find a place for this family on a farm and begin what we call a ‘Market Garden.’ Our team worked with the family to talk through all the needed materials and soil preparation, and, together, we built up two large plots of farmable land to feed the family and sell at the local market.

The father of the family, Abu Mohammed, told us: “No one stood with us except for you. We were barely living, and the diesel was making us sick and hurt my skin. But here the air is clean, and we have enough.”

Though Abu Mohammed offered thanks for our help, he was the one who prepared the seed beds, he spread the manure and he constructed the tank for irrigation water.

10 years into the Syrian conflict, people remain resilient for their children’s sake, and they still hope to go home even if they can’t imagine how that will work out.

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