Chairs for Children

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September 21, 2022
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December 5, 2022

Chairs for Children

Positioning and proper support for children with disabilities is important for their development and also for interacting, engaging with their environment, and learning. Our partners in Kyrgyzstan make specialized chairs and standing frames that facilitate proper positioning and support for children with disabilities.

A local speech therapist works with a group of children with disabilities and the parents at a children's hospice. She invited us to a meeting of her group and asked us to bring our therapy chair, which we had already introduced to her. She asked if we could leave the chair in the hospice for two weeks so that the children could try it out.

When we arrived at the hospice, we put the chair in a therapy room and waited there for the speech therapist. She was late, but little by little mothers with their children with disabilities started to arrive. We began talking and within a few minutes three of the children had already taken a seat in our chair. We explained the functions and the purpose of our project. The interest was great, and each mother took our flyer.

Two weeks later we returned to the hospice. This time we made an appointment with the director of the hospice to hear about her work and also to talk about our project. We had a good, long, and open conversation. A short time later she ordered a therapy chair from us, which will remain permanently in the hospice. A mother from the speech therapy group also bought a chair from us.

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