Receiving Help, Taking Responsibility

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October 5, 2023
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January 22, 2024

Receiving Help, Taking Responsibility

Amantur lives on a small farm in Kyrgyzstan that is quite remote, lying between two villages. A therapist from a local NGO goes regularly to do therapy with him. She saw the potential a therapy chair could have in the development of this boy.

Our partners delivered the chair together with her. It was a joy to see the happy eyes of this boy and his parents!

Unfortunately, two of the straps of the seatbelt were too short. That was our partner’s mistake. They offered to send him the right ones. The father looked at the straps and declined with a smile. “I myself will go to the bazar and buy some longer ribbon and change it” This was a way for him to not just receive help but also to show responsibility for the chair and his son.

Few families can afford the needed Adaptive Equipment that our partners produce, such as a therapy chair for their child. To make sure that their equipment enters the homes of families with children with disabilities, they depend on donors who trust them with money which they can use to subsidize the families, when they directly buy from our partners. Another way that equipment reaches the families is through Organizations or NGOs who buy Equipment from them, to support the families and children they work with. This is what happened with Amantur.

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