Health is Everyone’s Responsibility

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May 27, 2021
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January 11, 2022

Health is Everyone’s Responsibility

Bibiniiso (Bibi) is a cleaner at the local medical clinic in her village who attended Operation Mercy’s training classes on childhood illnesses. In this region, many people live their whole life with a limp because they were born with hip dislocation that was never fixed.

Bibi’s neighbour Latifa was pregnant, so she couldn’t participate in all of the training sessions. After each lesson, Bibi shared with Latifa the health information that was being taught in the classes. After the last lesson, Bibi made it her goal to check Latifa’s baby for hip dislocation after delivery.

Ten days after Latifa’s daughter was born, Bibi checked her hips and legs for dislocation. She followed the explanations from the last lesson and checked her technique with the book that we had given her. She didn’t find any symptoms of hip dislocation.

Bibi and Latifa’s village is small, with just 22 houses. The nurses in the village, who had attended the same lesson, weren’t far away and checked the baby, too. They confirmed that the baby did not have hip dislocation. Bibi was happy that she had practiced the technique correctly.

Health is everyone’s responsibility, and Bibi grew in her health knowledge and confidence through our training and put it into practice for the good of her community.

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