Women and Youth Empowerment, Tajikistan

October 5, 2018
Keystone, Jordan
December 11, 2018

The aim of the project is to involve women and girls in different situations (including those who are housewives), and to give awareness and discussion on topics such as: reproductive health and neonatal care, “Days for Girls” (a menstrual health and hygiene program), childhood illnesses, good nutrition, general hygiene, first aid and a healthy lifestyle.

The Women's Empowerment Project empowers and develops vocational skills through English practice club, cooking and dressmaking classes and sports coaching. For vocational training, the project utilizes local skills trainers from rural communities, and partners with a local training NGO who gives official certificates. Women from rural areas receive training, those who cannot afford it or from vulnerable backgrounds, so that they learn a skill that they can open a small business or gain employment through having a certificate.


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