Wheelchair Gives New Hope in Life

Hope Starts in the Small Things
May 27, 2021

Wheelchair Gives New Hope in Life

Amir* is a 68 year old man who suffered from a stroke several years ago that affected the right side of his entire body. He had difficulty moving around and always required physical help from his family, even when just moving within his own tent. 

The Operation Mercy staff started visiting him twice weekly and aiding him with physical therapy exercises. While the exercises helped him greatly, he continued to be unable to move about independently.  

Through Operation Mercy’s cooperation with Capni, a local NGO, Amir was gifted a wheelchair. Within two weeks of receiving the wheelchair, he showed great improvement. He used to consistently lean to one side due to his stroke, but he is currently able to sit up straight in the new wheelchair. Amir now moves easily within his home and travels freely outside both his tent and camp using just his wheelchair for transportation. His family-members no longer need to be present continuously to help him and are very grateful for his increased independence. 

The wheelchair has not only contributed to Amir’s improvement physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well. He reports that he has found new hope in life and regained his excitement for the future. Amir can now participate in shared life events such as weddings or family gatherings on holidays, which also improve his outlook on his life. Since receiving the wheelchair, the entire atmosphere in the home has changed from one of discouragement to one of thankfulness, happiness and hope.   

*Name changed

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