New Women

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July 8, 2022
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November 12, 2022

New Women

Our Sparking Freedom, Antihuman trafficking team regularly visits women under sexual exploitation in the brothels to build relationships with them and find ways that we can assist them physically and emotionally. 

Recently, we heard on the news that all the brothels in the city had been raided by the police. We had watched videos of women running away from the police. So, when we went to visit the ladies in the brothels, we didn’t think that the brothel would be open. When we arrived, the whole place was dark. We knocked and got no answer. As we were discussing whether we should go to another brothel, someone peeped through the security door and recognized our team. The administrator (pimp) opened the door and let us in. As we entered, the atmosphere was different then when we had visited before. We could see in the women’s eyes that they were scared. We noticed that there were quite a few women who had come from across the border (due to the unrest) and there were many clients waiting to have time with them. 

Usually, we bring eats for the woman, but this time when we offered them the food, none of the ladies wanted to touch it. As time went by a few of our team members tried their best to talk to the women, and eventually the women started eating. We know that developing friendships and trust with the new women will take time, but we hope that the women will learn to trust us. While we were eating and chatting to the women, the administrator came and told us that the police were coming and we needed to leave! We were amazed by the administrator’s care and her wanting to protect our team 

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