The Courage to Leave 

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October 5, 2023
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May 13, 2024

The Courage to Leave 

Our Sparking Freedom anti-human trafficking team in Kazakhstan engages with women working in the sex industry to show them their worth as people. The team gives them food and toiletries, asking about their lives and their families. Sometimes just remembering someone’s name helps them to feel loved and important, and letting them know that support exists for them.

In trafficking situations, women are often not able to get the medical attention they need, or they can’t afford to eat enough. By being a friend to the friendless we are caring for those in need in Kazakhstan.

When Aida* decided to leave the sex industry, circumstances led her to go back to the brothel. The team continued to work with her, and once she asked if they would continue to love her even if she stayed in the industry. We didn't hesitate to tell her that we would try, but God will continue to love her unconditionally.

Finally, Aida decided that she had had enough of her lifestyle. There are days when she wants to go back, especially when she is facing financial troubles, but when she goes through those times she knows she can phone one of the team members to ask for help and for prayer. 

A few weeks ago she told us that she is getting married soon. We rejoice with her, knowing that marriage won’t solve her problems, but also glad that Aida persevered and is making a good life outside of the sex industry.

*Name changed

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