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The Joy of Restoration
July 8, 2022
Sing Hello
July 29, 2022

Our Community Based Rehabilitation project is building hope and developing capacity by working together for children with disabilities.

When a partner organization called us and asked us to go and see a woman whose son has cerebral palsy, we were glad to visit to see if we could be of assistance.

The father had left the family the week before and the mother was desperately needing help in caring for her son. The partner organization had been doing a wonderful job in reaching out to her to provide emotional and spiritual support, but they couldn’t provide the rehabilitation help that the son needed.

We were able to give the son a specialized chair. The chair provides appropriate support which enables him to interact more easily with others and keeps him in a good position for eating. Both are crucial for his growth and development.

We continue to visit and have taught the mom some home therapy programs she can do with her son. Both organizations continue to work in partnership with the mom and her son and we are seeing positive changes in their lives.

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