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Trust is Built Through Peer Groups
February 2, 2024
Never too late to learn!
March 19, 2024

Children with disabilities (CWD) are being given the chance to learn at mainstream schools thanks to one of our partner organisations in Tajikistan.

School accessibility is one of the most important components of providing inclusive education and promotion of the rights of children with disabilities. Training sessions give opportunities for participants to discuss accessibility, integration and inclusion of CWDs at mainstream schools.

After a recent training, one school’s newly-appointed director put what she had learned into practice to help Sahar*, is a 12-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair.


Her mother, Munisa*, told our partners, “I am very glad that my child will continue going to high school. She is an outgoing girl and has many friends at school.  She also shows progress in her study and is ready to learn and experience new things.

“Due to the transition to a higher grade, her classroom was located on the second floor, where it would be difficult for her to get to the classroom. This problem was solved with the help of school transition coordinator and the great support of the school director and teachers after the training for directors in August.


“The director took into account the special need of my daughter and placed her class on the first floor. Moreover, the school has built a ramp which makes access to the building much easier! 

“I appreciate to the staff and the administration of school for Sahar. So, now, she can continue her education along with her classmates.” 

*name changed 

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