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Opening Doors to Equality 
March 7, 2024
Healing and Growth
May 3, 2024

In September, staff from our partner organization in Tajikistan conducted a masterclass session for mothers on rehabilitation exercises for children with disabilities. During the session, mothers and grandmothers were involved in practical physical and speech development exercises, which help to improve their children’s conditions.

After the session, Yana*, who has been bringing 14-year-old Yusuf, who has cerebral palsy, to a teenagers’ group every week, said:

“When I first came here I was very distressed and did not which door to knock for help. Through the years. With the support and help from the staff I learnt how to take care of a child with disability. I also learn how to take care of my own health physically and emotionally.

“Although Yusuf’s physical condition is difficult, when he comes to the Teenagers Club group every week he is very happy. He understands and feels everything, when his teacher communicates with him. He likes seeing the teachers and exercising with them.”

Mehri*, whose grandson Jonibek, five, suffers from mental and speech delay, was pleased to learn exercises she could use at home.

“After Jonibek came here and started to have exercises to improve his cognitive skills, he gradually learned to pronounce certain words,” she explained. “From today’s session I learned about the effectiveness of playing games and doing exercises to improve his motor skills.  We will continue doing the exercises at home.”

*Names changed 

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