Change Impacts Relationships and Community 

Shoulder to Shoulder  
November 26, 2022
A Flower and a Dinar  
November 30, 2022

Change Impacts Relationships and Community 

Hamza, one of Keystone's coaches, interviews a room full of men, both old and young. Many are clad in the traditional Jordanian thob while others wear blue jeans and button-downs. The men represented have been participating in Keystone's 3-month exercise-based health program. They meet twice weekly to improve their physical, mental, and relational health.

 Hamza asks them to explain what they've benefited most from during their time as participants. Each one, in turn, calls out words such as "psychologically!" or "physically!" or "intellectually!" The last man in the circle to speak is eager to express what he's experienced. He commands the room's attention and says excitedly that in addition to these things, "there are relationships between us…Now I go to you, and I greet you, I tell you ahlan wa sahlan [welcome], and there is a friendship between us." 

This man speaks of the dynamic relational and inner life that develops when participants move through Keystone’s 3-to-6-month training.  They enjoy the fruit of this change impacting their relationships and community. 

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