A Flower and a Dinar  

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November 30, 2022
Trading Shame for Acceptance  
December 5, 2022

A Flower and a Dinar  

During a group discussion on self-worth, Ahmed, a coach for Operation Mercy's Keystone project, uses a playful picture to illustrate a personal message about each participant's value.


"I grabbed a piece of paper," Ahmed recounts about one particular lesson, "and drew a flower for them. I signed the paper and asked, 'who will buy it from me? It's just 1 Dinar!'" He laughs and responds, "No one will buy it! But I told them, 'What if Leonardo Da Vinci signed this picture? Who will buy it then?'"  


Ahmed uses this example to demonstrate how each individual's value is inherent to the Creator's value and is, therefore, unchanging. He explains that the source of human worth is fixed and established because it is founded in the image of God. Every one of the participants is made in this "eternal image," as Ahmed puts it. 


"Whatever [the individual] passes through, or difficult circumstances he has, or whatever life throws at him, his value remains," Ahmed affirms. He goes on to say, "This [lesson] affected them very much, and it left me with a memory."

Ahmed holds dear the opportunity he has to illustrate to the participants their worth in the eyes of their Creator.

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