Changing the Trajectory

A Doula’s Impact
March 14, 2023
Partnerships for Good
April 3, 2023

Changing the Trajectory

Our partners in Kyrgyzstan provide teachers, training and materials for children with disabilities in state-run institutions through their Children at Risk project.

Danior used to be angry all the time. He was quick to attack and hit the other kids at the children’s home. He had reasons to be angry - he has no parents in his life, and he has a disability: both his hands are malformed.

But our partner’s teachers and staff at the children’s home have been patient and persistent with Danior. They have taught him to use his mouth to hold a pencil. They encourage him each day, spending one on one time supporting him. They also have expectations of Danior’s behavior: they don’t permit Danior to stay in the classroom if he is aggressive.

Their expectations of Danior’s academic and behavioral improvements are paying off. Slowly Danior has become a calmer boy and puts his energy into his work. He never complains about his limitations and our partner’s staff are so excited to see how the trajectory of his life has changed for the better.

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