november 9, 2023

From towering mountains to desert and steppe, from blistering summers to bitter winters, and from the wealth of the oil fields to the economic decay in remote villages, Kazakhstan is a nation of extremes. As the largest country in Central Asia, it is an economic and political leader in the region. With a stable government and its enormous oil, gas and mineral reserves (that have helped propel the economy since independence from the USSR in 1991), the glories of a land once roamed by warrior nomads and traders of the Great Silk Road are evident.

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Operation Mercy Kazakhstan aims to serve the poor and marginalised in Kazakhstan through community development and humanitarian aid projects. Our Almaty based team focuses on serving the most vulnerable –marginalised women and families, children facing a double burden of poverty and disability, and victims of human trafficking. Operation Mercy also runs a life skills programs to address HIV and AIDs, human trafficking, suicide and crisis pregnancy in our schools and communities. Operation Mercy originally arrived in Kazakhstan in 1998 to provide relief in the South East. We have grown to become an organisation that prides itself on remaining long-term, providing lasting, transformational development in times of stability as well as crisis.

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Operation Mercy is registered with an external organization that ensures quality control of donation management.