Sparking Freedom, Kazakhstan

Operation Mercy Kazakhstan endeavours to bring hope to the hopeless.

The WalkFree Foundation estimates that there were approximately 75 000 people living in slavery in Kazakhstan in 2018. Through desperation, force, fraud or coercion they have ended up in sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude.

We actively engage women working in the sex industry to show them their worth as human beings. We bring them food and toiletries, showing interest in their lives and their families. Sometimes just remembering someone’s name helps them to feel loved and important. Showing an interest in these women enables them to realise that support exists for them. In trafficking situations, the women are often not able to get the medical attention they need, or they can’t afford to eat enough. By being a friend to the friendless we are caring for those in need in Kazakhstan.

In meeting with these women, Operation Mercy is also learning about the complexities that lead to trafficking in Central Asia and keep women trapped in the Sex Industry once there. This currently informs our awareness and prevention work and is laying the groundwork for future intervention.


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Operation Mercy is registered with an external organization that ensures quality control of donation management.